Phreesia PatientConnect

Phreesia is a trusted platform that integrates with practice management and electronic medical record systems to manage every step of the patient intake process. When patients check in on Phreesia, the clinical information they provide is used to guarantee that your message reaches the appropriate, qualified patient audience.

The PatientConnect platform creates a new opportunity for marketing to patients — Patient-Centric Marketing — which allows you to get your message to relevant patients when it matters most. Patients engage with your message prior to speaking with their doctor, while they are speaking with their doctor and after they leave the office. The ability to connect with patients at multiple touchpoints throughout their healthcare journey ensures that they are seeing the right message at the right time.

Phreesia is an excellent partner to work with and will deliver the results you need. When you have patients walking in to see their physician and the last thing they see is your brand message, that is truly powerful! How much closer to the decision-making point can you get?"

Lisa R. Chengary
Manager of Multi-Channel Marketing, GI

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Phreesia's platform allows you to engage patients at the right time throughout their healthcare journey.

Engage patients as they pre-register privately on their own devices up to two days prior to their scheduled HCP visit.

Engage patients in the waiting room while they check in and wait to see their doctor.

Continue to message patients during and after their visit with valuable information that motivates them to take action.

Patient-Centric Marketing

Provide qualified patients—not just consumers—with relevant information that motivates them to take action at every step in their healthcare journey.

Why Message to Patients:

They are actual healthcare recipients

They have established relationships with their physicians

They are symptomatic and seeking care

They are diagnosed and receiving care

They are proactively involved in their healthcare

Reach a relevant audience: Connect with patients to start the right conversation.

Measurable Outcomes

In addition to using patient data to find the right patients and message to them at the right time in their care, Phreesia PatientConnect also uses that data to measure outcomes. Patient-Centric Marketing provides insight into actual patient conversions to therapy based on the specific patients who saw your sponsored message. Phreesia's average conversion rate is 4.5x lift over control.

Phreesia partners with DV to verify and authenticate delivery of campaigns.

Therapeutic Categories

Phreesia checks in millions of patients within the following therapeutic categories:

Acute & PRN Meds




Ear, Nose, and Throat

Endocrinology (non-diabetes)


Infectious Disease

Neurology & Behavioral

Nutrition & Supplements


Rheumatology & Bone Diseases



Pain General

Pharmacy Services



Women's Health